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Hand Over Hand Textiles uses botanical dyes because we take our impact on the planet seriously. Our dyes are free of toxins and harsh chemicals. Each Hand Over Hand item has been slowly dyed with delicate care using only natural fibres. Dye plants are foraged and harvested locally when possible. 

Embrace the variations in colour as our pieces mature. Botanical dyes have differing sensitivities to sunlight and washing; the tones will soften and settle with time.

  • Wash your Hand Over Hand pieces in cold water on a delicate cycle using a PH-neutral soap. Most detergents made for delicate garments will do. Avoid detergents with baking soda or citrus as natural dyes are sensitive to PH.  
  • Wash separately for the first few washes as colours may transfer.
  • Hang to dry in the shade away from direct sunlight.